Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bucket List

So a few weeks ago I had someone say to me, "It just doesn't seem like you have any hopes and dreams." OUCH! Now I've come to realize that this person's comment was based on their own clouded judgement, and that I can't take what others see as my reality - but it still hurt, it still hurt a lot. But instead of stewing and just letting it hurt I have been looking at what my 'hopes and dreams' are. Do I have dreams - or was this person correct in their comment?

In doing this little inspection of my life I have found that not only were they wrong - their comment was exactly what I needed to kind of get some of these down on paper. One of the way I can document my "dreams" is through my own "Bucket List". I have kind of had this in my mind, a list of things I want to do or accomplish before I die - but I haven't necessarily put them down on paper. So that is what I am going to work on doing. I will probably update it as time goes on - adding things, taking things off that really don't matter. But ultimately it's MY bucket list - so I can do that - right?

I am also finding that through working on this list that I have done some of the things on my list already. Even though my list hasn't been officially typed up to this point - I have still had that list in my mind, and as I've been checking through that list I've realized there have been many items on there that I have already gotten to check off - whale watching, parasailing, a helicopter ride in Hawaii, becoming a mother, moving away from family for an adventure (our summer jobs in Detroit and Cleveland), being published in a magazine, develop my own product (stickers with Kopp Design), gone to the temple, zip line trip, been on a cruise, been to Hawaii and been out of the country. There are many more that I have accomplished and I need to document them better.

As I've been doing this I am reassuring myself that I'm moving forward, that I DO have goals and I AM a dreamer. I'm learning that just becuase we have different goals or dreams doesn't mean that they aren't goals. We need to be more tolerant with others goals and dreams - especially if we want them to respect our dreams as well. So what are your dreams? What items are on your "Bucket List"? I'd love to read your comments - they may remind me or other things to add to my list.


Rhien Family said...

someday I want a gallery opening in a respected art gallery with all my artwork showing.

That's more of a far-fetched dream, but it's worth thinking about and working towards.

I would also like to own a home someday.

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

When I was in high school - can't remember now if it was in school or in Mutual, but we were asked to write down what success would mean to us..... at the end of our life, we would look back and say I was a success because:

All I wrote down and still use as my guide today is that as along as I continue to learn, my life will be a success.

It isn't a big goal, a lot of people wouldn't even think it was a goal at all, and certainly wouldn't call it success. But I live by it. Still have the piece of paper I wrote it on in my scrapbook from high school.

You don't have to crave to be Warren Buffett or Garth Brooks to be a success in life. I won't even make a bucket list. Too much pressure.

Go easy on yourself. You have already reached so many of your goals - such as becoming a mother and an artist. I think people who have their lives planned out for all 93.4 years they intend to live miss out on all the spontaneous joys and blessings they could have had.
Love you, Aunt Charlotte