Sunday, June 28, 2009

Digi Scrapping with New Releases

WOW! Big week with layouts from me. Once I uploaded them all I was a bit stunned by how many I had actually finished. Enjoy!

Template sets used:
This and That Template Collab between ChrissyW and Bella Gypsy
Templates by Crystal V. 1

Kits used:
Fort Wannahockaloogie by Bella Gypsy & Connie Prince
Spring Breeze by ChrissyW
The Fourth by BellaGypsy and Connie Prince
June 2009 Collection by Crystal Wilkerson

1 comment:

april said...

I love all of these, but I especially love the one of you turning, the brothers/friends page, and the page about falling in love with Cory all over again.

Dont you think falling in love with them gets better each time? :)

When we got home from our road trip everybody asked if 62 hours in the car made us want to kill each other...if anything, it made me love him even more. (But dont ask me to spend that much time in the car again anytime soon! ;))