Monday, June 29, 2009

Grandma's visit

We were lucky to have Grandma Tammy come visit this past weekend. She was supposed to be on "medical leave" from work - but was feeling great and decided to use this time off to come see the boys (and us - but let's face it - she missed those grandkids of hers). She got here Thursday evening and had to head back Saturday night, but we packed in some fun while she was here. She brought the boys a bunch of fun treats/toys to play with that they had a great time with. They made molded chocolate suckers and cookies, we ran errands, planted seeds in the boy's own greenhouse (which have already started growing really well!), read stories, did puzzles, built forts, and she taught me how to make a really pretty purse (which I need to finish up, as soon as I do I'll take pictures of it).

On Thursday night when she got there we went outside and spotted a gorgeous rainbow. Gabe was saying that he wanted to follow the rainbow and see if the leprechaun had left a pot of gold at the end. So Grandma got a great idea to find some gold coins at the store and have a pot of gold for them to find. We couldn't find the chocolate kind - but we did get some plastic coins. We got a bucket with some "prizes" in it for the boys and when Grandma left Saturday morning she hid the bucket at the cemetery (where the rainbow seemed to land earlier in the week). The boys had a great time finding the prizes that the leprechaun had left for them and were thrilled to call Grandma and tell her what they found.

Tammy also stayed and watched the boys both nights so Cory and I could go out. THANKS Tammy - it was great to see you, chat with you, play with you and feel of your love. We're proud of you for making the trip on your own! Love you!


Crystal said...

HOORAY for Grandmas!!!

Hilary said...

what a fun grandma! This is adorable