Monday, December 22, 2008

STICKERS (aka driving me nuts)

Gabe was a huge fan of stickers when he was little. He loved having me put stickers on paper with him, and he still really enjoys sticker books where you match stickers with things. It's taught him a lot about matching and I love it.

Now onto Hunter. Hunter has recently discovered stickers - and he's making me CRAZY with them. He knows which drawer we have the stickers in and he has actually figured out how to get into it (it has a child lock on it). He doesn't open the drawer - but he can stick his hand in there and magically pulls out stickers.

The problem is that his favorite place to put stickers is on the kitchen floor. I am constantly finding stickers all over the kitchen floor! He also tries to pull them off and put them on things again. This means the sticky stuff isn't quite sticky enough to keep it to the floor - but it is sticky enough to stick to the bottom of your feet, socks, or shoes. I can't even tell you the # of times I find stickers stuck to the bottom of my feet. I'm also finding pieces of them in the carpet, on the fridge, in Hunter's clothes, and pretty much all over the house.

Love the little guy, love that he wants to be 'creative' - but it's making me nuts!

(These pictures don't really look that bad...I think the fact that it's CONSTANT is what's making me crazy)

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