Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More digital scrapping stuff

Man - I spend way too much time browsing digital scrapping websites - wastes so much time I could be actually SCRAPBOOKING!

Anyway - thought I'd waste a little more time and share a few of the things I've found lately. Didn't necessarily buy them - but they're fun finds none the less. Now if I would just spend a little more time USING the things I find....I'd have millions of albums done (although that would involve actually having the pages I've done PRINTED....another little problem I have.)

  • SUPERSIZED GRAB BAG ~ December 2008 I love Janet Phillips grab bags she has each months. She has the greatest templates, and it's fun to get so many for such a low price! She has 2 different sizes of grab bags - big and small. I also love the year in review tempate, and her calendar templates - both of them.
  • More offers for "buy my whole store" - WOW! That is a ton of stuff available for a low price! Check them out at the top of the shoppe:
  • Calendar-PreviewI LOVE this calendar template! And guess what - it's free! This girl has tonz of really cute templates on her website - and they are all free. Check them out.
  • Another fun freebie template - I love this designer's (ChrissyW) stuff - it's really cute. She also has a grab bag for just $3.00 that I think I might have to pick up. Grab bags are a fun way to get a bunch of stuff for cheaper.
  • **Cookies 4 Kids** by Sweet Shoppe DesignsHere is a fun set of templates and proceeds go to charity!

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