Wednesday, December 31, 2008


  • This morning we were telling Gabe that it was New Years Eve. He got all excited and said, "So tomorrow is Valentine's day?!?!?" We explained that it was still a while until Valentine's Day. We said that first we had New Years, then Martin Luther King Day and then Valentine's Day and President's Day. Then Gabe yelled out - as sure as he could be, "And THEN it will be PILLOW FIGHT DAY!" (We have determined with him that Pillow Fight Day is after President's Day and Grandma Tammy's birthday - but before St. Patrick's Day and Daddy's birthday - we've decided it's roughly March 12th - for those of you who are like Gabe and are DYING to celebrate!)
  • On Christmas night after everything Gabe would NOT go to bed. He was being such a stinker and had gotten up several times. I got mad at him and turned to him on the couch and said, "Get your bottom off the couch and into bed!" He looked at me so sincerly and said, "But Mom - I can't!" I asked him why he couldn't. He said, "I'm stuck to the couch - I think it was from all the glue I put on the couch...."
  • Another bedtime a few days ago I came into his room to turn off the light (he likes to read books for a while by himself) and he had a glass of water in his hand. He will generally ask for a drink of water - so we keep a glass of water by his bed - but he would have to get out of bed to get it (which he had been instructed to stay in bed). He looked at me and said, "Mom - I just don't know how this glass of water got into my hand - it just appeared! One minute it wasn't there - and then I guess it just flew into my hand"


Rhien Family said...

don't worry Gabe- the same thing happens with me and cookies. They just fly into my mouth :)

Tiffany B said...

Loved all the Christmas pics and I will have to get Pillowfight day on my calendar. Too funny!