Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Thought I'd do a list of some of my favorites for 2008. Not much new - but just a record of things I love right now:

  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo - this is one of my favorite shampoos and conditioners of all time! It has the most invigorating mint smell and makes your head tingle (in a good way - not in a "my hair is falling out" way). It wakes me up and makes me feel great. And a lot of times if I have a bad headache I'll soak in a bubble bath with some of this on my hair and it really makes my headaches feel better. It's great stuff! (I haven't used the other Tea Tree products - just the shampoo and conditioner).
  • Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara - I just started using this a short while ago and I'm HOOKED! This is the first mascara that I haven't had racoon eyes with. I have tried SO many, and it seems like I end up with smears under my eyes just a couple hours after wearing it. But with this stuff I don't have any problems with it at all. It's awesome.
  • Disneyland - This was a great trip with the kids. Yeah - it was busy (SOOOOO BUSY!) and we didn't get to do all we wanted to - but it made great memories for Gabe. He seriously talks about Disneyland almost every day and the magical place it is. That alone was worth it! Can't wait to go again someday. (someday soon....? I wish!)
  • Lip Smackers - You'd think I'd out-grown this by the time I am almost 30 - but I still love tasty chapsticks. I got a new one this year called Candy Cane Treat. I love it because it's a little sweet, and a little minty - perfect! Now if they'd just go back to making the ones with just a tiny bit of glitter in them - I'd be happy.
  • Diet Dr Pepper - LOVE IT! Wish I could break the habit - but it's just so tasty....
  • Scentsy scents - YUM! I LOVE most of the Scentsy scents - but my favorites right now are Black Raspberry Vanilla, Verbena Berry, and Cinnamon Cider.
  • Scentsy sprays - I am so addicted to yummy smells and these sprays are the BEST! They have the same smells as the scentsy warmers - but it's instant (no waiting for the wax to melt) and I can spray around my house and it INSTANTLY smells great. Now I don't have to worry about having a stinky bathroom, or Hunter's room stinking after changing a diaper. They have multi-packs too - so you can save money when buying them.
  • Pizza Hut Tuscani pasta - this might sound silly - but we had it for dinner a couple of months ago and it was great! The boys really liked it and so did Cory and I - that doesn't always happen. We only tried the alfredo one - but it was good.
  • Redbox - man, whoever invented this is GENIUS! I love that I don't have a set time to take them back, I love that I can reserve online and then go pick them up. I LOVE REDBOX!
  • Facebook - This darn site is addicting! But it's fun to see what people are up to and reconnect with old friends.
  • Digital Scrapbooking - I have just loved this more and more! I think if I had to pick one favorite Digital Scrapbook thing this year it would be templates - they have made my life so much easier!
  • Our BLOG - I love that I have a place to journal, with pictures, and be a bit creative. I could care less if anyone read it (because I doubt anyone other than my mom does most of the time) - but I do love that I'm leaving a mark, saying I was here, and keeping a record for the future. It makes it easier for me to scrapbook things later too - because I've journaled ahead of time - I love it!
  • MY FAMILY - Ok - I know this shouldn't appear last on the list - but think of it as a countdown - I've listed them last because they are by far the most important thing in my life - a definite favorite! I love having a family of 2 boys, I love doing things the 4 of us, and I love being a mom. Yeah - it's hard, really hard - but I love it. I love the times at night when I get to snuggle with Gabe in his bed, or when Hunter gives me kisses instead of saying "thank you". I love it.


Hilary said...

these are some of my favorite lists! I love product referrals! I'm going to try the mascara for sure!

Rhien Family said...

I read your blog too-
Every post.

Love you-

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

HEY - I read every post, too. I don't always comment, but I read it every day ! ! !

It's such a miracle to have instant contact with family that is thousand of miles away. Such a blessing of living in this time. We love you and care about you. Love, Aunt Charlotte

Tiffany B said...

Enjoyed your list of favs. I have to admit that recently I bought some Lip Smackers but they weren't as good as I remembered lol. I still like the blistex fruit smootie line although lately I have trouble finding them.

Me - Jen said...

Wow we have a lot of the same fav's!! I need to make a fav list one day, wait I just need to blog!! I am glad someone is still bloggin. I have loved hearing about your holidays. I hope your 2009 is full of peace and joy!!