Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So last year during November I was posting things I was grateful for daily. I found that it really helped me think about things I was thankful for on a daily basis, and really helped me enjoy and appreciate the Thanksgiving season a bit more.

This year I have been a bit more down in the dumps and frustrated with life - and I think that might be because I haven't been focusing on the things I'm grateful for, the blessings I have. I've looked too closely at what I don't have, or the things in my life that aren't perfect. So I'm going to work on being grateful a bit more in my life, and specifically this month. Here are just a couple of things I'm grateful for.
  • The gift of sight - We get a lot of comments from people about being "BLIND" - since our business is The Blind Guy. And we joke about it right along with them - but I don't think there's a comment that goes by when I don't think, "Man, I'm lucky not to be blind!" To absorb the sights of our world - or more than anything - see my little boy's smiles - what a gift!
  • Colors - (this kind of goes along with the last one....)I love that there is variety in life. From hair color, wall/paint color, color of people - I love that there are different colors of sunsets, clouds, grass, trees. I love that I can wear different colors, eat foods that are different colors, and decorate in different colors.
  • Taste - This weekend when we were up in SLC for our anniversary we ate some tasty food. (ZTejas and Rumbi Island Grill both have AMAZING salads!) I feel so grateful that I can taste things and marvel at the different flavors. YUM!
  • Technology - I think about life as I was a little kid and it was pretty great - but WOW! life is so amazing with all of the technology available to us. The thing I love the most about technology is how it can help us stay closer and in contact with the people we know and love. I love being able to chat with my mom on the webcam or instant messenger at any time of day. I love that my little sister can instant message me a question, or that my kids can talk to their grandparents on the computer. I love that we can have blogs, email, and other amazing things all because of technology.
  • Books and libraries - The whole world can open up to us because of books. How sad it would be to not have books at our convenience. I was reading a story about "The Little House on the Prarie" times and thinking about how the pioneers and our ancestors from years ago didn't have bookshelves full of books - or libraries to borrow books from. We are blessed by books in so many ways. I love that I can teach my boys by reading them books. I love that we can be silly, we can learn gospel principles, or journey to a far-away land through the pages of a book. I feel blessed that we have 2 local libraries and a bookmobile! (And today is bookmobile day - yay!)
  • Modern medicine - our lives are made better by medicines, doctors, and technologies that can help us live our best lives. I'm grateful for doctors who follow inspiration and promptings, and who better the health of those of us who need it.
  • Music - I often complain that since I have had children I don't get any time to listen to my own music. I have thousands of songs on my ipod and computer - but we are frequently found singing the ABC song, a song from Primary, or something from Sesame Street. But you know what? I love it all! I love singing Gabe's night-time songs to him. My favorite in our night-time line up is "A Child's Prayer". As I sing him the words, "Heavenly Father - are you really there?" I feel like I am singing my feelings in a lot of ways. I love that music can have such emotion and feeling to it. I love how listening to a song can make me want to dance, relax, or think of love. Such power!
  • Family who I love so much! I think one of the things in life that causes me so much saddness and frustration is not living closer to any family. I get so sad that we don't have family around for Sunday dinners or family shopping trips. I hate that I have a neice that was born in APRIL and I haven't even met her yet because she lives in Dallas - and another neice that was born in August and I've only held her for like 1/2 hour! I hate that our family has to travel at least 4 hours to see any of our family, and that every trip to see family feels so strained for time. I feel so conflicted trying to choose who we're going to see, and know that we can't do it all. (anway - this was supposed to be a GRATITUDE post - and I'm just complaing about this one) - but the only reason I'm complaining is because I am so grateful for the family I do have and wish we got to spend more time together!
  • Sunshine
  • Comfortable shoes and sandals
  • Warm slippers to keep my cold toes warm at night
  • flannel sheets
  • Changes in seasons - I might not enjoy the cold - but it is nice that it's not hot all the time.

I could go on - and I probably should - but I am grateful for so many things. Please - leave a comment and tell me something YOU are grateful for today!


Anonymous said...

I too am grateful for technology and the connection it gives us--and the information and inspiration.
I am grateful for art and creativity and texture and color and the ability to have zany thoughts and ideas
I am grateful for dreams, awake and sleeping
I am so grateful for my beloved partner and all she adds to the joy of daily life
I am so grateful to live in a time and place where I can live my life outloud
I am grateful for music
I am SO grateful for nature--for pets, and plants, and birds, and sky and wind and rain and sun and all the wonders of just being in the world for a moment
I am so grateful to live near the ocean
I am so grateful for farmers and farmer markets and fresh food and our little vegetable garden
I am grateful for meaningful work, great coworkers, a salary that support our lives
I am grateful for my zippy little hybrid car and a house that is big enough for our needs
I am grateful for friends and family and all the love in my life
I am grateful to live in this so interesting time when the world is changing so fast
I am grateful for my parents who saw that I got an education and a chance to turn into a thoughtful person
And I am grateful for Thanksgiving, which I love
And I am grateful for Joanna and her blog, which so often pulls me out of the doldrums at work with a new cute pix of the boys or a deep thought or just that rush of love,

Cheers to us all, Sandra

Kelly said...

What a great post!! It is true, so many times I focus on the things I don't have instead of all of the blessings I do have! I am grateful for great friends(like you guys), and my cute sweet little fam!!

Renee' H said...

You put your posts together so eloquently. I am a friend of MaryRuth's from Spokane Washington. She introduced me to the world of blogging, and I just love to read yours. I too have two boys. They are 7 and 3 1/2. So, I would have to say that I am thankful for my children's laughter. We went through four years of infertility, and there was a time when I didn't think we would have any. It sure is a blessing.