Monday, November 24, 2008

I am grateful for...

  • laughter - especially the kind of laughter that you can't stop, or children's laughter

  • a sense of humor

  • television - and uplifting programming

  • all things Disney - Disneyland, Disney characters, Disney movies, music from Disney movies....(a little sad we won't be there this week...)

  • holidays

  • reading

  • cheesy LDS fiction (I love Anita Stansfield books!)

  • gas prices going down (it's $1.71 at our local station!)

  • watching my kids learn new things

  • good nights sleep

  • modern medicine - especially simple things like Advil and Tylenol

  • vitamins

  • hopes and dreams

  • sunshine and blue skies

  • puffy clouds - especially ones that look like fun shapes (last week Gabe was certain that the trials from airplanes in the sky were shooting stars - there was no convincing him otherwise!)

  • green grass

  • ranger rides with my boys

  • hugs and kisses

  • soft textures

  • flannel sheets

  • Diet Dr Pepper

  • forgiveness from others, and most importantly from Heavenly Father

  • repentance

  • music of all kinds - rock, classical, country, children's music, church music - but most of all I love to hear my kids sing (I wish they'd do it more - Gabe's not that into it)

  • excitement - that feeling that settles into your whole body and makes your toes start tapping because you're so excited.

  • I'm grateful that we all have different hobbies and talents - isn't it great that there are people who enjoy all different kinds of things in life?

  • hobbies - I'm gratefl for scrapbooking (and just wish I had more opportunties to do it!)

  • ice cream - I've recently been loving peanut butter cup ice creams (Blue Bunny's Peanut Butter Explosion or Dreyers Peanut Butter Cup - YUM!)

  • Choices and variety - even if sometimes there seems to be too many choices.

  • smells of all kinds - especially yummy Scentsy smells (today I tried some free body-spray that came with my deodorant. Gabe came up to me a little later and sniffed me and looked disgusted and said, "Mom - you STINK!" Thanks.)


Renee' H said...

I love the turkey.

Jordan Deatherage said...

Hi there-
I work for Blue Bunny ice cream and noticed that you've been enjoying one of our flavors lately! I wanted to let you know about the iScream Team, where you can sign up for free coupons via email and enjoy discounts on your fav flavors. You can check it out here: