Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little Mr. Independent

Oh boy - we've entered a new era at our house - the house of toddler independence. YIKES! Just this last week, and more specifically this morning - Hunter has decided he is a BIG BOY. He wants to do what the big kids do. He seems to think that now that he can walk (all-be-it wobbly - he wobbled into something yesterday and has a nice little black eye) that he should be able to go to preschool, feed himself - there's no way we're going to feed him anything anymore - he wants to do it himself, play outside by himself, walk through the store, etc.

This morning Cory was around so he took Gabe to preschool for me. Hunter fell apart when he realized that Gabe left with dad and that he hadn't gone with them. He pounded on the back door crying yelling for Dad & Gabe. As soon as he realized that they had left without him he started yelling for the dogs - as if they would come rescue him. He went over to the coat rack in the entry-way and was banging on it and pointing to Gabe's jacket and finally got a hold of it and tried putting it on. He seemed so determined to go somewhere so I offered to take him with me to get a drink at Maverik. He RAN to the door and started banging on it.

So I took him to the garage and started to get in the car - but he wasn't about to let me carry him - HE was walking himself. And he RAN right out of the garage and wanted to play in the driveway. But he didn't want help manuevering around the rocks - he would plop down, turn around and crawl off of the cement into the rocks (and then eat the rocks....) It was so funny to watch. I worried that we'd be outside all morning (in the fog and chilly air) - but I asked him if he wanted some fruit snacks and he ran almost as quickly back into the house.

Oh - and when I got the camera out he started totaly cheesing it - eyes closed and everything. Silly kid.

I don't know if I'm ready for another independent and strong willed child......

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