Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BYU Game - Go Cougs!

There are 2 times of the year that I get sad and a bit homesick for where I grew up - Utah County - the 4th of July season and Freedom Festival, and BYU Football season. Those are 2 things that I just miss since we don't live in the Provo area. I have especially missed BYU football since the changes with the football games on tv (where BYU games are only on The MTN channel - and our sattelite company doesn't carry that channel).

So when Cory said he had it planned for us to stay in SLC this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary I ran online to see if we could get tickets for the last BYU home game for the season. I was thrilled that I found 2 tickets for us to enjoy Saturday's game!

There aren't a lot of things that get me as excited as the energy of a BYU game - and this didn't disappoint me. We wandered around the tail-gate area before the game and even stood in line to try to throw a football into a hole - Cory even won a t-shirt for me! Then we got our hot dog (not-so-grea) and cotton candy (which was DELICIOUS) and headed to our seats.

I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the game....I like exciting close games - but it was clear from the beginning that BYU was going to win. It was still fun - but I like nailbiting games. I also need to bring people who like to dance around and cheer LOUDLY with me - Cory was a little too mellow at times. I was glad we went together - but I needed someone to sing out "Rise and shout!" when the Cougars would score.

Anyway - we had a great time and now I'm just trying to figure out how I can justify getting season tickets for next year.....


Jessica said...

The hot dogs have been really gross. I remember them being so much better. Maybe it is just because I was a little younger at them time.. who knows.

The Hoskin Family said...

Great fun and great pictures.

MaryRuth said...

A girl after my own heart... but you already know my love of BYU football!

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!