Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We're alive and new tricks

We just wanted to post that we are alive. Gabe and I are at my parent's house visiting for the week. We haven't been here since December, so it has been good for him to get to see his grandparents and spend some time with them. He has been learning new tricks while we've been here. Some of them:
  • Waving like crazy - he's been waving before, but yesterday he waved non-stop. Especially at people at Target.
  • Saying dog - well it doesn't necessarily sound like dog to the unsuspecting person, but it's very distinct to us after hearing it about a hundred times.
  • Saying Julia - my sister's name is Julia. This is another one that Gabe yells out over and over again, but it sounds nothing like "Julia". He actually yells, "ACH!" But it's always geared towards her.
  • Noticing pictures of Jesus - We walked into my parent's house and he saw a picture of the Savior in their entry way. He immediately said, "Jesus". Then over the last several days he says it every time we show him pictures of Jesus around the house. I have showed him lots of paintings of Jesus and said His name, and apparently he has paid attention.
  • Pulling himself up - He hasn't mastered this yet, but tonight he tried so hard to pull himself up on the couch. It will be a while - but still a stepping stone.
  • Climbing stairs - My parent's have a step going down into their family room, and then back up into the kitchen around the corner. Gabe is very interested in climbing up and down and does it very gracefully. I think it's all because he's enticed by the bowl of dog food in the kitchen....
We're off for a walk, but I did want to check in and say hi. More later - hopefully with pictures to follow.

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april said...

Glad you guys are having a good time! Tell your mom I said not to spoil either of you too badly! ;)