Sunday, May 07, 2006

John Deere

We should teach them young eh? Gabe got pretty excited when Cory was out riding on the neighbor's riding lawn mower this afternoon (ours hasn't been working well). And Cory was all-together too eager to put Gabe on the mower with him. They had a great time riding around. Gabe kept on waving like he was on a parade float or something - it was great! I'm sure it will be a matter of months till Cory's put Gabe to work outside mowing lawns - I'm lucky that he's so eager to teach Gabe to work. Now let's hope Gabe's equally as eager to learn!

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The Rhiens said...

He looks pretty intent on driving it in that picture in the middle of the bottom row. Yikes! He'll be wanting the keys before you know it. :)

Love, Mom