Friday, May 19, 2006


When you're really busy do you ever find yourself sitting down and doing something that you totally shouldn't do - just to avoid all of the things you SHOULD be doing on you to-do list? The last couple of days have been like that. Here is an example of a digital layout I did when I should have been scrubbing my bathroom, or working on Blind Guy stuff - or about a million other things that need to be done. But working on this for a little bit during Gabe's nap the last couple of days helped me recharge a bit. So I guess that's ok....

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The Rhiens said...

Sorry if I passed this trait on to you. :) Anyway, I am glad that you take the time to do some things that you enjoy in the midst of all your busy-ness. Cute layout! It is cute to see Gabe sitting there with the cousins. I can't believe how old the twins are now. Crazy!

Love, Mom