Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Getting Healthy

Getting healthy - this is a struggle that I have been battling with for the last couple of years (and I should have been battling it long before that so I didn’t let it get as bad as it did). Anyway, I have been doing Weight Watchers for the last 7 months and I am so grateful for the influence it has had on my life. I had also participated in the program (online) before getting pregnant with Gabe (I joke that Weight Watchers got me pregnant) and I am grateful for what I learned then too. My self image has really improved, as well as having less headaches, more energy, and fitting into smaller clothes! I also look in the mirror and feel like I’m helping my body to be healthier, and that will help me be a better mom and wife – a better ME!

I have found through this journey (or battle – however you look at it) that one of the biggest supports for me has been people encouraging me along the way. And more than the encouragement from random people –the encouragement from people I care about, and who may be going through the same things. Sometimes all I’ve needed is a special friend reminding me that I didn’t need to eat the whole plate of cookies….And sometimes I just needed a listening ear to listen to what was bothering me. And I’m learning more and more with exercise that having a workout buddy (even just to pick you up and get you to the gym) makes all the difference.

I’ve been thinking of ways to not only get support from people I think are awesome – but how I could maybe be a support to others as well. I really think that it’s one big circle and we can all help each other. From an encouraging word here and there, reminders to exercise, or even just sharing what works or doesn’t work as far as meals or snacks, or exercise go.

So I’ve decided to put together a little “getting healthy” internet group. You don’t have to be on Weight Watchers to be a part of our group – and you don’t even have to be struggling with “weight”, but if you just need some encouragement in trying to be healthy in your day-to-day life and want a group of supportive family/friends to cheer you on – join us!

If you are interested, please email me and I will send you the instructions on how to join our group. We’ll have discussions, food ideas, somewhere to vent when you’re feeling frustrated – and we can really turn the group into whatever you all want to turn it into. And also since I know we’re all busy, we can structure it so that you can be as active, or as inactive as you want to be. I know that I appreciate the love and support from others more than you’ll ever know, and I hope that we can help to support and lift each other through these busy times in our lives.

Let me know if you’re interested. (coryjoannaellis@msn.com)

Love, Joanna


The Rhiens said...

Like I said the other day, "Count me in". Let me know how to join. Thanks. I already appreciate the support you have given to me.

Love, Mom

MaryRuth said...

Count me in too!! I've recently lost fifty pounds but have been at a stand still for the last couple of months and need to get me going again. This sounds like a great idea!

Congrats on your success with WW!!

Alli said...

Joanna, I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise this summer. It is hard for me because I have not to this point been good at doing either one of those. I'd like to be in on your group so I can have more energy and feel better about my health. Thanks for being an example and a leader in helping us all be more healthy.- Thanks- JED

Carpers said...

I'd like to try. I've never belonged to a group like this before so I don't know how good I'll be at it, but I know I could use the help. so I'll try to be good. Thanks. Love,Charlotte