Sunday, May 14, 2006

Great Grandma

Since it's Mother's Day I decided I was going to let myself scrap instead of worrying about other stuff I should be doing. The colors look funny - but in real life the papers really do match, and are a fun color pallette of lime green, tangerine orange and sky blue - with white accents. I love the paper! (It's by Scenic Route Paper)

And the journaling says,

I can’t begin to tell you how lucky you are to have Grandma Marilyn as one of your Great Grandma’s! She is one amazing person. She will always believe in you no matter what kind of crazy idea you approach her with. Her love is unconditional, and she will always pray for you when you are having a hard time. She is amazing. I hope you grow up to know her well and to be touched by her love.

When we were at Great Grandma’s house the day this picture was taken it was a pretty special day for us. It was your 8 month birthday, but more importantly you learned how to wave while we were visiting! I had been practicing with you for weeks – but you hadn’t caught on, but when Grandma waved at you – you waved right back. I was so happy that you shared that fun milestone with her! (April 7th, 2006)


Anonymous said...

Tahnk you for the sweet tribute. I loved Gabe waving at me too.
I am so happy you could celebrate your own Mother's Day. Kudos to Cory too. I have the best kids, grandkids and great Greatgrand kids anyone ever has been blessed with Love Grandma Marilyn

Carpers said...

I love the fun colors of this, and the sweet journaling. I can't believe how much he has changed, just in the last month. Amazing. He's such a sweetie. Happy Mother's Day to you too. Love ya! Alicia :)

Carpers said...

Well, I hate to say it, but I think I can top your mother's day observance. I actually had the cards made and written in and the envelopes made (Thank you alicia) and the address label printed up - and STILL didn't get them SENT. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME ???? Anyway, happy mothers day to everybody. I love you all, Charlotte

The Rhiens said...

Yup! She's truly a great grandma, huh? She loves you all so much and I am sure she was touched by this sweet tribute to her. How lucky little Gabe is to have his great-grandparents, and even some great-great grandparents to share his life with.

Love, Mom