Friday, April 28, 2006

On the move

Well I think we're in trouble! Gabe moved non-stop today. He wouldn't sit still for story time, he wouldn't sit down and play with toys he loves, he wouldn't sit and play ball (that's when we know there's a problem!) The second I'd set him down to sit down and do something - off he'd go. He'd roll onto the ground, and then he'd be off either scootching around (is that a word?) - or rolling like a rolly-polly.

All day long I was grabbing him as he was rolling off somewhere else, or getting into something. If he can be so exhausting when he's this little I'm nervous for the upcoming months!

And not only was he moving around like crazy - he also was SO noisy! We went to Walmart this morning and as we'd pass every cart he'd start yelling out - kind of like, "LOOK AT ME!" Then the people would look at him, he'd wave at them and give them a bashful/flirty smile. Oh goodness - he knows he's cute!

Then when we got home he was super vocal again - either laughing or just kind of yelling out. And while I made dinner and he snacked on some Cheerios he came up with a new sound that means, "Hey mom - I'm out of Cheerios - fill me up!" that would come out loud and clear every time he'd need a few more to snack on. What a character!

So I'm hoping that he is this vocal and fun with my family this weekend. We're driving up to Rexburg to watch Jed and Laura walk in graduation from BYU-I. I can't believe it's been 2 years already since I walked in graduation - WOW! I miss Rexburg, and I look forward to our visit. Most of all I'm excited for my parents to get to spend some time (all-be-it a small amount) with Gabe. They haven't spent any time with him since Christmas! He's a totally different person now (Hey - he's a totally different person than he was a week ago!)

Anyway, we're off in the morning if Cory ever makes it home from the shutter job he's installing. He thinks he'll be gone until like 3 am, and then come home for a couple of hours and hit the road again. I'm lucky that he's supporting me and coming with me after having such a busy week! Gotta love him.

Have a great weekend!


april said...

what a silly goose!! yall be careful, please.

Carpers said...

Gabe is so funny, I love hearing about him. I can just picture him trying to talk to everybody he meets! Super fun! Glad you got to go to graduation and see everyone. Love ya! Happy Scrapbooking Day! :) Alicia