Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy, oh so darn happy!

Last night I was getting Gabe ready for bed and I got really emotional. I am so lucky! My life is wonderful - absolutely wonderful. Not only am I richly blessed with an amazing family, my husband had a good job, I have a beatiful home, the weather is gorgeous - SO many things to be thankful for. I just sat down and snuggled with Gabe and cried some super happy tears (I had to explain to him that tears aren't always because we're sad....not sure if he had any idea what I was talking about).

So what are some of the things that are keeping me smiling today? There are hundreds, but here's the short list:

  1. A big cold Diet Dr. Pepper from Brad's Food Hut (best ice in the world)
  2. Listening to the new Dixie Chick's song on iTunes (Can't wait for their new cd to come out on May 23rd!)
  3. Going swimming with Gabe last night. Just he and me and the SUU swimming pool. He had a blast and loved watching the "big kids" splashing and playing - they captivated his attention and I c0uld almost hear him say, "I wanna play with the big kids mom!"
  4. Finding the Lean Cuisine Thai Chicken meals I've been looking for at the grocery store (tasty, and only 4 Weight Watchers points!)
  5. Speaking of Weight Watchers - having a loss this week (I've now lost over 40 lbs!)
  6. Putting on my new jeans that are comfy, and even pretty loose. (I can even get into a pair of size 10 - they're snug... but they can zip!) and wearing a shirt that was one of my favorites, but I haven't worn in a couple of years.
  7. Plans to go see the play "Seussical" tomorrow morning with Gabe - I am giddy with excitement - SUU does amazing plays and this one will be fun.
  8. New library books. Thursday we go to the library and it's by far my favorite day of the week. Gabe loves it and I can't wait to pull the new books out of our book bag to read!
  9. Nap time - I love when Gabe takes naps! The last couple of days they've been mini-cat-naps, but today we're doing better (and what am I doing? Wasting time on the computer....)
  10. Trying to teach Gabe to say Mommy - only for him to say Da-Da over and over again. I love his little jabbers, and even if he likes to say Dad - it's still music to my ears!

So what makes you happy? Leave a comment and tell me the simple (and not so simple) things that make you smile. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

!. I love E-Mail and Blogs but I still smile all day when I get a snail mail.
2I love my daffidils blooming and blowing in the wind and the red tulips struggling to get their day in the sun.3
3 the flowers people have given me Dutch Iris,jonquils and a cyclumen.
My graet grandchildren and thier parents and grandparents and Gabe waving at me.
4I love Allies curly red hair and the poem she and Laura wrote.
5.I cherish my friends and all the laughs and tears we share.
I love ato see the failies and dogs and children in Liberty Park. And so much More!! Love

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanna .. I'm from 2 peas and come visit your blog once in a while. I just wanted to say that Gabe is absolulty adorable and I you sound like such a wonderful mom!! Just by mentioning all you do with him .. bedtime stories and baths every night, trips to the library, outings to the pool etc. etc. There needs to be more moms like you out there :)

Congrats on the weight loss!!! that is awesome!! You will have to post a before and after picture to inspire the rest of us!

Anyhow, what am I thankful for ...

My husband, my son, our home, my job, my health, my love for scrapbooking, having such a close family and that it is almost summer!

hugs, Liz

april said...

1) Reading lists like this from you!

2) Yesterday I was crying because I desperately need new tired on my truck but we've poured penny after penny into my business. Today Kevin found out he's got about 8 hours of overtime coming this weekend. He hasnt complained at all, and he wont, either, because he knows I need new tires and he's happy to be able to ease some of my stress. A big relief off my shoudlers today, can you tell? ;)

Carpers said...

1. I love when my duck finds a new puddle in the yard to take bath in and while she is bathing she finds a bug in the mud and starts squealing and squiggling with glee.
2. I love the joy we get out of having Gabe and Alli in our family.
3. I love how supportive my husband is of my stupid ideas and schemes even when he knows they won't work and they will cause him extra work.
4. I love how my husband does his calling and supports the bishop and uses his priesthood to bless our home.
5. I love having Alicia here to be my friend and pal and to take care of me. I know she needs to find a husband and have a family of her own, but we are enjoying this special time we have together.
6. If spring was going to come to my town, I probably would enjoy that, too, but I'm not really sure at this point that it is going to happen.
7. I love days when I overcome my fears and my illness and get to do regular things, like yesterday, when we got to go to a crop and hang with our friends from church and I did 5 pages !!!
8. And I love being your AUNT.

The Rhiens said...

1. Sunny spring days--especially when there is no wind.

2. The first flowers of spring

3. Talking to my "kids" on the phone or on IM

4. My beautiful grandbabies and seeing new pictures of them on their blogs

5. Seeing YOU so happy as a mother

6. Seeing what great adults our kids are becoming

7. Singing with the kids in Primary and hearing the darling things they say...gotta love them!

8. Scrapbooking--on the rare occasion that I get to do some, that is

9. The smell of lilacs and hyacinths

10. The Oregon coast

11. Being blessed to stay home through the years that our children have been at home

12. Music--all kinds of music

13. Color--That's what I love about scrapbooking...the beautiful colors and designs of papers

14. Visiting beautiful spots in the world

15. Family--far and wide...nuclear and extended

16. Lunch out with a friend

17. My sweet hubby and his making it possible for me to be a SAHM all these years

18. The gospel and the hope and peace that it brings to my life.

I am SO richly blessed! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express it. :)

Love, Mom