Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I took Gabe in for a haircut today. What a funny boy - he looks so grown up! I can't believe how a little haircut makes him look like a littl toddler! His cowlick is even more noticeable than ever (although I don't think there's been a day that's gone by that it wasn't noticeable...)

I think in the last picture Gabe looks like Grandpa Whisler. I don't know what it is exactly, but I think it might be in the cheeks and eyes. Pretty cute!


The Rhiens said...

I agree--he does look a lot like Grandpa Whisler in the bottom pic. He looks much older with his hair-cut. But, he's still such a cutie.

Love, Mom Rhien

Gillian Greding said...

SO CUTE! What a difference is right... he looks so much older, but even more handsome. Lovely boy, Joanna!

Carpers said...

He does look like Grandpa in that picture. I think its also the way he's got his head tipped, and the look on his face. So cute! He looks so grown up, like a man thats just been miniaturized. :) Love ya. Alicia

april said...

SO stinkin' cute!! :)

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

Though we don't comment very often, we check your blog all of the time, and really enjoy the pictures. It's so much fun to see your photogenic baby. He's so handsome.

-Nicole & Paul

Anonymous said...

Love these pixs! And yes, he does look like Grandpa Whisler in this picture.

I come to your blog almost every day. I make friends and coworkers look at the pictures and agree how cute he is.

Thank you so much for sharing your sweet Gabe with us so faithfully; it lightens my life. cheers, Sandra