Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gabe's room

I thought since Gabe will be 8 months old this week (crazy huh?) That it might be a good idea to finish decorating his bedroom. I've had most of the stuff since he was born, but I hadn't painted it, or put it up. Now we're done (at least most of the way)....

We painted one wall blue in his room.....I am now officially not a fan of painting just one wall - specifically if that one wall is such a dark color (this is like a denim blue). After we painted Cory and I looked at eachother and said, "What happened?" Literally the room looked like it shrunk to about 1/2 of it's size. That heavy wall really closed us in. But it's dark enough that I don't really feel like painting over it. It looks better once we got stuff up on the walls. I'm also going to have one of those vinyl sayings made in red to go across the top of the wall. I'm still not sure what I'm going to have it say yet....(any suggestions?)

This is a shelf I bought several years ago when we were in Rexburg, but I finally got around to painting and distressing it. To the left of it is a mirror that I painted the frame of. (You can also see the darn cord for the tv....someday we'll get that fixed....)

Here's a view looking across Gabe's room towards the door. We also painted the letters to his name above the door and hung his quilt on the wall (still not sure if I love it there...) It's being held up by 2 rustic metal stars that you can't really see.

This wall also has some more rustic metal stars. I didn't take a close-up, but the 2 stars grouped together have some cool rivets in them. I loved them the second I saw them. And here's Gabe chilling in our chair. I am SO glad we bought that chair, it's the best place to rock him, feed him, and read stories. So comfy!

So there's the tour of Gabe's room. It's pretty typical for Cory and I. We couldn't stray too far from the reds, blues, tans and stars....gotta keep a theme going I guess.


The Rhiens said...

I love the finished look! You are right, it is very YOU. But, the look really came together with all the stars, frames, mirrors, etc. And Gabe looks so adorable sitting there in the big chair. Cute stuff!

Love, Mom Rhien

Carpers said...

The room looks great! I like the stars, and the colors. Looks really nice, very americana. Fun! Love ya. Alicia