Saturday, August 15, 2009

One of my favorites...

One of my favorite places to go in the summer is to take the Scenic Chair Lift to the top of the mountain at a local ski resort - just ride the chairlift up, walk around a bit, and ride it back down. I've especially enjoyed it on the times we've done it when it's super HOT and we can escape the nasty heat for a bit up in the mountains with some cooler air. We have gone up on it several times over the years - but the last time was when I was huge and pregnant with Gabe (we went with my inlaws Ashley & Spencer and Chase & Kori).

Well, today Cory had some work to do at a condo unit up across from the ski-resort so we decided that we'd take the boys up for a ride after Cory finished his work. It wasn't much of a hot day down in town, so it was even chillier up on the top of the mountain, with a little breeze. But it was worth the chilly air (which I thought was invigorating actually). I don't think the boys "loved it" - but they had fun and we all enjoyed the time together.

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Crystal said...

what a fun and easy break! I could use one of those right about NOW!!!