Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lake Powell

A few weeks ago we had a chance to head down to Lake Powell. Cory was doing a job at a HUGE houseboat down at the Glen Canyon Damn area of the lake - in Page, AZ. Since it was a big job the property manager of the boat allowed us to come and stay on the boat while he was working on the job. Since Page is about 1/2 way between us and my parents my mom decided to meet us there so we could spend some time with her.

We didn't take the boat out - but it was such a luxurious boat that just staying on it in the marina was totaly worth it. And in a way we were relieved that we weren't out on the water because there was quite the storm one afternoon. We did head down to the Antelope Point area and the boys swam for a second. Neither of them loved it and it was HOT!

Now I wish I would have taken some better pictures of the boat - it was AMAZING! It wasn't like a houseboat - it was like a yacht! If a houseboat has a commercial grade snow cone machine, big flat screen tvs in all of the bedrooms, like 5 bedrooms and at least that many bathrooms, an outdoor theater, and a helicopter landing pad on the roof (seriously!)....it isn't just your run of the mill houseboat!

It was a fun little trip, our own little mini vacation for the summer.

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