Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fourth of July

Sadly I am so behind on updating things on my blog that I haven't written about our 4th of July. I guess it was such a low-key 4th of July that maybe it didn't deserve it's own post....We started the day off with the good old town parade. If you've been to one Cedar parade - you've been to them all. Every one is the same....(we ended up skipping the 24th parade this year - it was just too darn close for a repeat already).

After the parade we went to the Enoch celebrations for a few minutes (there wasn't much going on there when we showed up). Then we had a little BBQ as a family and ended up inviting our sweet widowed neighbor Jerry over for dinner. Just hamburgers and watermelon but it was fun to have him join us.

That evening we hooked up a little water-balloon launcher on our Ranger. We rode around trying to launch waterballoons at neighbors - I think Cory and I ended up a lot wetter than everyone else. We did get the launcher set up so we could launch balloons over our next-door neighbors house to our neighbors 2 doors down. They had a launcher too and we launched them back and forth at each other - it was fun!

After that we did some fireworks of our own. Hunter had NO FEAR as far as the fireworks went. He just wanted to grab all of them - scared me 1/2 to death. Little dare-devil! To end the evening we headed over to the Wray's home (Gabe's best friend Noah's family) to watch the fireworks. Our town does a really nice fireworks display less than 1/2 mile from our house. The Wray's back-yard faces the field where they launch them and we had a GREAT view!

So although we didn't have family members surrounding us like we would have liked - we still enjoyed our time with our little family and neighbors. We are sure grateful to be American's - we are so blessed!

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