Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thinking about our country and new president....

In today's day and age it is so normal for people to speak openly, and more specifically - critically - about the leaders of our country. How quickly we point fingers, blame those in power, criticize how or why they did things. It is sad to me that we don't hold more respect and honor for those responsibilities and the job that others are doing. How easy it is for us, sitting at home to say what a horrible job those in power are doing. Yet what are we doing about it? Do we really think that we could do a better job?

I wish that we could all sit back for a moment and put ourselves in their shoes. Think for a moment about the stress, the pressure, the difficulty they undergo daily. It's easy for us to be critical - but they hold so much at stake, and I truly believe that they make decisions based on what they think is best. I would like to hope that they are making decisions based on what they believe will help the majority. I think about the idea that if I were in this office or position that I would have true support from others. I can't imagine going to sleep as the commander in chief each night with the weight of a nation, and even a world, resting on his shoulders. And when I think of that it makes me think twice before I am critical and mean spirited about the job he is doing. It makes me want to say a short prayer for him, for his family, and for our other government leaders, a prayer that they will have peace and clarity in their decisions.

Yes, there is corruption in goverment. Yes, there are many evil and devicive people collaborating to destory our freedoms - but for a moment can we join together as AMERICANS and be hopeful for the good that is possible? Can we put aside our labels of Democrat or Republican and be AMERICANS?

Remember the unity and solidarity that seemed to be felt through our country days after our country had been attacked? We were Americans, we pulled together - even if it was in a moment of crisis. I wish we coudl feel that sense of pride again in being members of this amazing country.

So today as we are embarking in this "change" - I am turning to the feelings I had several years ago as I first saw Barrack Obama on the Oprah Winfrey show (I want to say it was in 2002 or 2003 - it was his first appearance). I don't remember the specifics of the show, but I do remember the feelings I had. No one had heard of Barrack Obama at the time - he was a new name an a new face. I paused what I was doing and sat down to watch and listen to this man, this black man. I remember feeling in awe of his speaking ability, his passion, and the powerful feeling he made me feel. I remember calling Cory at work after watching the show and saying, "If we are ever to have an African American President of the United States - it WILL be this man who was on Oprah. I really think he will be the first African American president of our country. He was amazing!"

I am grateful for that confirmation or feeling of hope that I felt that day a few years ago. I've turned to that feeling as I have disagreed with policy, I've relied on those feelings as I've been concerned about decisions he may or may not have made and hope that we can all be supportive in our best ways possible.

So lastly - we have the right to disagree - that is one of the beautiful things about being AMERICAN. But I hope and pray that we can find a civilized way to voice those opinions, and hope that we can support the office of the United States Presidency. And I hope that we can continue to pray for our leaders that they can do what is truly best for our country. This truly is a historic time in our country.

Edited to add: I made a quick layout with the journaling from here.


april said...

Well said, my dear.

Sandra said...

May it be so.

Love you, Sandra

The Mullen Family said...

You said it perfect. I had to tell the kids this morning, that even though you may not like him, He IS our President now, and we need to support him and keep him in our prayers. We may disagree, but we need to support him. I have to remind them of this every time they say something. They are always so negative every time his name comes up.

The Rhiens said...

I actually feel a renewed sense of hope today and pray that we might pull together as a nation and each do our part to once again make America a compassionate and positive place to live and raise our families. Pres. Obama comes in with such weight on his shoulders. I hope that he and Congress can work together to bring positive change...and that each of us, as citizens, will remember that we are part of that change.

I was very touched by the events of the day. Hooray to you for already recording your thoughts and feelings in a scrapbook page...preserved for your boys to read.


Ted & Carole Whisler said...

We are proud of our grand daughter. You said it all as it should be. Love you much
Grandpa and Grandma