Monday, January 26, 2009


My Boys

Week 4
  • Template - 365 freebie from - found here.
  • Kit - freebie from Amanda Heimann - "Life is Good" (don't know where I got it - but it's been a long time)


The Rhiens said...

I absolutely love the looks of adoration between the boys on the top layout. I think that they will become the best of friends as the years go by.

The layout highlighting the past week is a fun one, too. It is fun to take a closer look at the everyday occurences of our lives. I wish I had started on the 365 day project. Although it would be harder without little ones to write about.

Rachel Clare said...

such cute spreads!! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I just recently came across your blog and love your digital layouts. You are so creative! I thought those calendars you made were so great! is there a template you used for the calendar part? I am really interested in making some, but just wondered how you did the monthly calendar part--did you write out all the weeks/dates yourself? If you could help me out with this, that would be so great! thanks!