Monday, January 12, 2009

Primary and FHE

So after one week of being in the Primary Presidency I'm excited. Overwhelmed a bit, but more excited. The ladies I am working with are wonderful and I know I'm going to learn so much from them. (Mom - the Primary President is Amy Farnsworth - the gals you talked to once when you were here visiting who has family in the Farmington area and wanted some green chilies? She's super sweet and fun.)

Anyway - I have been spending time looking for Primary helps and things on the internet and I have found one of the coolest things EVER. This is a FHE (Family Home Evening) lesson pack that follows the Primary theme directly. So each week it has a lesson that correlates with what the kids are learning in Sharing Time. I think the synergy that can occur when the Primary and the parents of the children is pretty amazing - and this lesson manual of sorts will TOTALLY help with Family Home Evening lessons for the whole year! How great to reinforce what they learn on Sunday! So check this website out: and then check out the lesson:

Here is a great clip art resource also.

One of my FAVORITE parts of Primary is listening to the children sing each week during singing time. I love the happy fun songs that help them get their wiggles out, I love the sweet spiritual songs, and I love listening to them learn NEW songs. We are working on a new song right now about families that I think might be one of my favorite Primary songs EVER. Here is a link to the music that the kids will be singing this year in Primary - but specifically listen to the song called "The Family is of God". The words are beautiful and uplifting.
I'd love if any of you have served in the Primary presidency to have you give me any tips or resources that helped you.

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The Mullen Family said...

I agree. We love singing time too. I love being in the primary, and hearing those little voices. Anyway, how did your talk go on Sunday?