Monday, January 19, 2009

Layout - My Treasures & Sledding

Layout using Kiss my____ kit and "Round We Go" templates - both found at

The journaling reads:

January 15th, 2009 -Tonight I was working at our Blind Guy office for many hours. It turned into a bigger project than I had planned, or than I wanted it to be. More than anything it was a project that was depressing and scaring me. I was worrying about money, about paying bills, and about the economy we live in. I was just feeling an enormous amount of stress and it was depressing. I cried several times and felt defeated. Well then I packed up and headed home.

Cory was home with the boys and they had been asleep for hours by the time I pulled up in the driveway. And when I walked in the door all of those feelings of depression and financial fears were replaced with a desire - no, an absolute need to see my boys. I will sometimes go in and check on them when I come home late - but more often than not I worry about unneccessarily waking them up. But tonight that wasn't even a concern. I had to see their sleeping faces, I had to kiss their slumbering cheeks - I had to remember that THEY were what was important. All the money in the world wouldn't be worth it without these two precious boys - they are my treasures! I went in to check on them and it was as if I was given a glimpse or a reminder of what was truly important. It's these sweet spirits Heavenly Father has intrusted us with. What sweet children, and a sweet reminder of where my heart needs to be focused.

Sledding layout - FREEBIE template by ChrissyW - available now @ & kit is A Touch of Winter - by Nikki Scott. Also available at


The Mullen Family said...

That is a sweet page Joanna. I agree, we need to focus on these treasured gifts we have been given. I think I take them for granted sometimes. IT was a good reminder. Thanks Joanna!!
Love you!

The Rhiens said...

This one brought tears to my eyes. Your journaling is so sincere and heartfelt and tender. They are beautiful treasures!

The sledding layout is fun. Love the circles. :)