Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunbeams and a new calling

So Gabe has been kind of apprehensive about going into Sunbeams this week. He has always LOVED Nursery and so the idea of not going to Nursery anymore was a bit scary for him. However for about 6 weeks they have been bringing the nursery kids into Jr Primary for Sharing Time and Singing Time. Gabe has been pretty good about sitting with his class and just turning around and waving at me to say hi (I've been teaching in Jr Primary since July). So as he seemed to warm up a bit I got less nervous.

Then comes yesterday. We had a Primary activity - a meet the new teachers brunch - it was fun. We talked it up all week and Gabe was really excited to go with me to meet his new least in theory. When it came right down to it he fell apart. Before we could even get to the church he was throwing a huge fit and crying his eyes out. He absolutely wouldn't go anywhere near his class and sat on my lap with my class through the whole activity. He wanted nothing to do with his class. To make matters worse his buddy Noah wasn't going to be in his class (a fact I tried to leave out - so he wouldn't get more upset.) Anyway, he sat with my class and it was hilarious to me how he fit in with my class. I mean I teach the 6 year olds turning 7 - and Gabe's 1/2 their age. He talked right along with the rest of them and his vocabulary was right on track with theirs. Funny kid.

Anyway - I was really nervous about how today would go after he was so anti-Sunbeams yesterday. So we talked about it this morning before church, at church, and then when it was time I was still not quite sure it was going to go well. We walked into Primary all together as a family and he had me hold his hand up to the front row - and he jumped right into his own seat. No tears, no wails of, "I don't want to be a Sunbeam" and no tears. In fact - I'm not even real sure he said good-bye.....

He turned around a couple of times to smile and wave at me - but he sat in his chair very well, sang the songs, and loved when he went to class-time. He kept talking about the bean-bag game, Ben's mom (one of the teachers) and Kate's mom (the other teacher) and his "treat room". YAY! I think we have a winner.

I also got a new calling today. I was called to be a secretary in the Primary Presidency. I am a little sad because I have enjoyed teaching Primary. I had just met and started getting to know the kids. But I'm also excited about this new opportunity. I've gotten to serve in several YW presidencies and a Relief Society presidency - but never in a Primary presidency. I've also never been a secretary - so I'm looking forward to learning that too. And I also have enjoyed getting to know the other members in presidencies in the past, and look forward to those friendships now too.

So here are some pictures of the boys today. The first one of Gabe was the first face he pulled when I mentioned being a Sunbeam, and then I told him to say "I'm going to be a SUNBEAM!" I'm so glad he was smiling. Then after I took Gabe's pictures Hunter was insistent that I take his too. The funny thing was that he posed in the exact same way as his brother did. Sometimes it scares me how he imitates Gabe....could be a scary future.


fausetts said...

you will be a great secretary!!! I love the story with Gabe, because we go through similar issues every day at our house. Hope you had a great holiday!

Sandra said...

POOR GABE. I can dig it. That's just how I feel about going back to work tomorrow. Alas, there's no nice mom to let me sit in her lap or help me have a good attitude. Hope the first week of the year is fab at your house, Love you all, sandra

James and Rhonda said...

I was the Primary Secretary down in California. I loved it! It was so much different then being with the Young Women but it was so fun to watch the little kids just soak up the gospel. I think you'll do great at it!!!