Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The pictures

So here are a few pictures of our last few days.

  • Hunter and Gabe - darn those two are cute! While they definetly look like brothers - I think they both have their own look too. I actually have a matching shirt for Hunter - I need to get them both in their twinner shirts to take pictures!
  • Sweet-Potatoes 101 - Tonight Hunter actually ate better than he has been. Or at least he managed to smear food all over his face better than he has been - I can't really decide which. He had a blast making a mess though, and I'm hoping it leaves him wanting to eat more!
  • Gabe loved making funny faces for the camera - I don't know if he likes the silly pictures, or if he just likes the attention....
  • Gabe wanted to have a "mustache" - on his nose. I think he was just jealous that Hunter got to rub his dinner all over his body and had to join in.
  • Here are the boys with Gramma Rhien (or Princess Orlene - which ever you'd prefer). They loved having her here (as did I). We're all looking forward to meeting up with Gramma and Grampa Rhien, and Aunt Julia at Disneyland in a couple of weeks. Should be lots of fun!
  • Hunter officially turned 7 months old on Sunday (WOW!) For some reason odd # months always make a baby sound so much older - 7 months sounds a lot older than 6....He still doesn't want to sit up on his own for longer than a few seconds (though he's getting better...), he's finally starting to eat a bit better with solid foods, he has become the world's best hair-puller (which I have yet to find amusing - especially when he pulls it OUT of my pony-tail, and pulls the little whispy hairs at the base of my neck - OUCH!), he's pretty good at scratching faces too - loves to grab our faces, and he's a terrible sleeper. In fact - he's become the first 7 month old baby I know that has given up naps completely (other than when I feed him and he falls asleep in my arms - which he wakes up immediately when I try to lay him down). He is exhausting me - but he's darn cute - which is a darn good thing or we might have to put him up for sale!


Kristi said...

Those are 2 handsome boys! You are such a cute Mom. Love reading about life at your house. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Hunter's growing up so fast! Too bad he thinks he doesn't need to sleep at all though. That's a real bummer.

We love you guys.


Tiffany B said...

Your boys are so cute that I can't stand it. I am sure that if you ever decided to give in and sell Hunter you'd have lots of takers lol. I would take him in a heartbeat. So cute. That is a bummer that he won't nap though. Never heard of such a thing for such a young baby lol.

Andrea said...

So cute. I love the brothers pic. I had a horrible sleeper too. He totally quit taking naps at THREE months. It was not fun. He first slept through the night at 2 and a half. Good news is...he now sleeps. And you are so right...good thing they are cute!

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

Blake and Alicia never napped, so maybe it is genetic. and I know, when I was a baby, Grandma had to pin me to the sheets so that she could go out and get the mail and not come back and find me on top of the piano with the butter and a bowl of sugar (that was around 8 months, I think).

Alicia and i used to play "Island". I would need to rest and I would have her get on my bed with me and she couldn't get off the island because it was surrounded by sharks. then I could sort of rest and she would sort of play quietly. But as soon as she could walk, as soon as I closed my eyes, I would hear the back door slam and she would be off to play at Grandpa Carper's house, so it is a temporary solution. Sorry.

This may sound stupid, but I found that when I quit hoping and waiting for the nap, I felt better about the little guys and could enjoy them more - just a matter or realizing that they were going to be up all day and just got used to it.

I did learn to let them watch some Tv and learn to rest and do my chores during those times. Good luck, Love, Aunt Charlotte