Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

I know you all enjoy hearing the little things that Gabe says (or maybe you're just humoring me....?) So here's the latest installment. Having this blog really helps me to record the little things he says - otherwise I know there's no way I'd remember any of them. There are actually dozens more, these are just the ones I remember to write down!

· When we were leaving to drive up to see family this weekend we stopped to say a prayer before we left. I suggested a prayer and Gabe announced that he wanted to say it. So he started right out and said, "Dear Hefenly Faver". Then without any hesitation at all he confidently and sincerely said, "I love you". It was one of those moments that brought tears to my eyes immediately. I felt so grateful that Gabe felt he could tell his Heavenly Father that he loved Him. I felt so wonderful that Gabe does love his Heavenly Father, and I prayed at that instant that Gabe would always feel that way. I hope and pray that Gabe remembers to love his Heavenly Father and that he can start every day out thanking our Heavenly Father for all he's given us.

· We had told Gabe he could go swimming at the hotel swimming pool after his dinner but were encouraging him to eat his dinner. Someone at dinner said something about swimming and Gabe responded with, "You can't go swimming until you eat 2 bites of macaroni and cheese!"

· I was changing Gabe's diaper and I said, "I will be so excited when you wear big boy underwear all the time and don't need diapers! Are you excited about that?" He responded with a strong, "Yes!" I asked, "So Gabe – when do you think that will happen? When do you think you'll get potty-trained?" He thought for a minute and said, "Hmmm….I think in 2 minutes!" (don't I wish….)

· "Oh look mom – our mushkin is sleeping" (I had no idea what he was saying until I realized that he was talking about Hunter – and calling him a "munchkin")

· "I can't member" (Gabe says this all the time. Whether he can't remember where he put his toys, the words to a song, or someone's name)

· I asked Gabe where he got his new socks. He said, "Old Lady" – (Old Navy)

· I asked Gabe if he was spoiled. He said, "No, I'm not – but daddy and I like to eat spoiled eggs" (he meant hard BOILED eggs)


Kristi said...

yay! Lots of fun posts from you. You have been busy. I love your layouts, and I agree that Hunter looks older with his hair cut. And, a lot more like his older brother too. :) Gabe is seriously so funny, and probably too smart for his own good. (and yours!)

Wendy Sue said...

How cute! Seth calls Old Navy "Old Lady" too, lol! :o)

The Rhiens said...

What funny things that boy says! I am glad that you take the time to record them and that you share them with us.


Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

I used to send a weekly email to the family and send myself a copy which I printed off and put in a notebook (well, technically, they are in a folder and need holes punched to put in a notebook)... anyway, I have been thinking I should copy all the blog posts and put them in the notebook as well, so we have a double record of all this great stuff.

As you can tell by my posts, I have been thinking a lot lately. Fighting off that stupid flu again, and feel too awake to sleep all the time, but too ill to be up and doing all the stuff I have been thinking about. heheh Charlotte

Tiffany B said...

Lol at old lady. He is a crack up. Hunter's hair cut is cute and I love your scrapbook pages. TFS.