Thursday, March 06, 2008

A good day

Do you ever have those moments when you just think to yourself - this is a good day? You're productive, you have fun, you don't break down and cry because your boys are too much to handle, you don't have to take a Tylenol or Advil for the whole day, you're productive and get cleaning projects done, and you just feel HAPPY? Well that was today for me. As I was putting Hunter down tonight I just found that I was full of a really GOOD, happy energy. With out tired I've been lately from being sick and all - having this energy is something that almost feels foreign to me. But good foreign :) I hope it can keep up and we can have lots more great days like this. So here are a few things that have made me happy today:

  • To start out with Hunter learned a new trick today! He started yesterday with Cory - but he really perfected it today. LOOK - NO HANDS! He is sitting up all on his own, and does it really well! Sure, he gets a little tipsy - but for the most part he can sit up all on his own and has fun playing with toys. He's sat on all kinds of surfaces and I'm so proud of him! This is a milestone that has been a bit slow in coming, and it's a relief for it to happen. Pretty exciting!

  • Hunter also ate like a champ today. He ate 2 servings (a total of one large container) of Squash - and did SO good with it! He was opening his mouth for it - I didn't have to force-feed him, and he actually kept some of it in his mouth. YAY!
  • Gabe and I had a fun day together. We had fun playing more than normal. You know how some days are just smoother, and more fun than others? We played super heroes, we played super heroes who were also ghosts (tricky aren't we?), super hero photographers (that is what he's doing in the picture - taking pictures with his Diego camera book), legos, waffle blocks, read stories, Gabe even ate well today (another amazing accomplishment!) and we just generally got along really well. There were several moments when I just had to give him a great big HUGE hug and remember how grateful I am for him (for both of the boys! I am so darn lucky!)

  • Clean floors, bathrooms, rugs, mirrors, (some) windows - it all feels GREAT! I love the feeling of tackling a bunch of cleaning projects. Gabe kept wanting to "help" - but for the most part I managed to keep him busy and out of the way.
  • I went to a new book-store today. It's not actually a NEW store - but they moved to a new location. Man - I love bookstores (especially LDS bookstores - they are my favorite)! And I picked up a couple pictures of the Savior with children to frame for the boy's rooms, a fun YW book, a neat looking board book about Easter for Gabe and Hunter, and a neat thought book from "Time Out for Women". There is something very relaxing and rejuvinating about walking into a bookstore - I love it, and could literally spend 100's of dollars in bookstores!
  • I got to go to Roberts this afternoon too! (Cory came on some errands with me and sat in the car with the boys who were napping. Yeah - I got naps AND got to run some errands by myself - it was marvelous!) I was trying to find some Easter decorations because I really don't have anything. They weren't too helpful - but I did make a couple of bunny decorations and bought a couple of pre-made things...maybe I'll take pictures of them later. I am so lucky to have a Roberts Craft - it's a great store!
  • Sunshine - the weather today was really pretty. It was a bit deceiving - and was colder than it looked outside - but it was still pretty enough to open the screen-door while I was cleaning and running around. I love the smell and feel of Spring!
  • Knowing that I have an appointment to have Hunter's hair cut tomorrow - yipee! I haven't cut his hair yet, because he doesn't really have a ton of hair - but it has gotten long, shaggy, and he looks a bit like an orphan - especially after some time in his car-seat. So tomorrow at 1:00 - we're trimming it up. I think he's going to look a lot more grown up - I'm a bit scared....
  • Miniature Cadbury Creme Eggs - EVIL. Ok, I have always loved the big Cadbury Creme Eggs that come out at Easter. But have you seen these? YUMMO! They are so delicious, and because they are smaller - they don't seem as rich. They are really perfect. I wish I had never tried them....they are too good!

And lastly - some Gabe funnies to keep you smiling:

  • At dinner tonight Cory was making a comment about something (I can't remember what....) and said the phrase, "What the?" and paused. Gabe chimed in loudly with, "HECK?" We cracked up. We were relieved that he chimed in with "Heck" and not another alternative.... :)
  • Tonight Gabe helped me to make muffins to go with our dinner. I always sing the song "Do you know the muffin man?" - so as we were making our muffins I said, "Hey Gabe - you're the muffin man now!" He sat and thought about it for a few minutes. Then he said, "Mom, I can't be the muffin man tonight - I'm just a BOY!" So we decided that it's been changed to "Do you know the muffin boy?" I love how observant he can be and the funny things he says.
  • We washed the car today - I love a clean car! Before we went to wash it we headed to the convenience store for some treats (I have a weakness for Maverik convenience store...) When I got back in the car and was getting ready to pull out this older man in a cowboy hat walked by our car. Gabe got so excited and yelled, "Oh mom - I found THE cowboy!" He was so excited and so proud that he had spotted THE one and only cowboy we have in Cedar City.
  • A few weeks ago I was making a comment about how I wasn't loosing weight and because of that I had a big behind and tummy. Gabe looked at me so seriously, tipped his head to the side and said, "Yeah, you really do need to go get on that treadmill downstairs - huh?" Once again - incredibly observant - and VERY smart!!!
  • This morning I was working on some cleaning projects and I noticed that Gabe had climbed up on our bed and buried himself in the pillows on the bed. I said, "Where did Gabe go?" He giggled and said, "I'm hiding!" I asked, "What are you doing while you're hiding?" He popped out his head and said, "I'm reading." So I said, "But Gabe - you can't read when you're hiding - you don't have a book!" He came out from under the pile of pillows and said, "Yes I do - I am reading my Book of Mormon stories" - and held out his hands in the action from the song. DUH Mom!
  • In relation to the last one - the other day Gabe was eating a treat and his hands got all sticky. He said, "Uh-oh mom - my Book of Mormon stories are all dirty!"


The Rhiens said...

Yay! It sounds like you are getting some of your physical and emotional energy back. I am excited for you. It sounds like the boys are getting back on track as well. Hooray!

I love your stories of the funny things Gabe the last story about his Book of Mormon stories being sticky. :)

I am excited to see pics of Hunter's haircut. It is always a little sad to have to cut it that first time, but then you usually end up wondering why you waited so long, cause they look so cute (and grown-up).

Thanks for sharing the fun!


Chase and Kori said...

Wow! It sounds like Gabe is so grown up and has changed a lot since we saw him at Christmas. I can't wait to see Hunter's haircut! Glad that you guys are doing better and that it's finally warming up!
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear you are doing better and you had such a great day. I am looking forward to that in a couple weeks when I can get Morgan on a schedule and I feel good enough to clean. Your boys are so adorable, you are a great mom!


Me - Jen said...

I am so glad you had a "good Day". I love those kind of days too. They are few in the life of a mom with young children. Sounds like you got a lot done and you had time with the kids. CONGRATS, pat yourself on the back!! Were you drinking a lot of diet coke? LOL

Tiffany B said...

I loved your post. Wonderful that you had such a good day. The Gabe funnies are the best. He is so CUTE! BTW love your blog topper. You always make such cute ones.

Kristi said...

I'm glad you had a good day. I'm sure you are usually just too hard on yourself, but I know how huge it is to feel like you were succesful. Love those boys! And you're right - you are so lucky. :) Happy weekend!

Wendy Sue said...

Wow, you had a super productive day!! I hope today was just as great for you - can't wait to see your fun Easter decorations AND your little guy's haircut! :o)

Liz said...

How fun! I love those good (great!) days! Your boys are so stinking cute. I love the funny things Gabe says, too! What a smart little cookie!

Rachel said...

I LOVE those days!

Anonymous said...

Joanna, It's great to hear that you are feeling better and getting back on a little more even keel. I hate those draggy weeks when you are sick and still have to function.

Have a great spring! L ove, Sandra

Liz said...

They both look so big all of a sudden! Sitting without hands?! I still think of Hunter as a teeny baby! They are both just adorable- and a lot of fun, by the sound of it! Send some of those "good day" vibes our way- I could use that now! Your post inspired me to make it a better day. I have been so cranky lately.
Have a good one!