Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hunter - growing so fast!

I have been really hit lately at how fast Hunter is growing up. I think part of it was that last week was FULL of milestones, and it just kind of freaked me out. Some of the things that happened this past week:
  • Hunter started eating much better. He tried (and enjoyed) squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, pear and carrots! He also wanted to eat when we were out to eat with Cory's family on Saturday and we fed him some baked potato. He did really well with it - better than Gabe does with potatoes at 2 1/2!
  • Sitting up - and he enjoys sitting up a lot now! Playing with toys and everything has a new perspective when sitting up. He's also enjoying sitting in his high-chair when I'm cooking, or getting things around the kitchen done.
  • Moved to a "big boy" car seat. He's still rear-facing, but he is in a bucket car seat rather that those darn carriers. We're trying it out for now, and we'll see if we revert to the carrier - but for now it's working well.
  • Rolling EVERYWHERE - He is getting all over the place lately - rolling. He gets himself into the funniest and most uncomfortable positions when he rolls.
  • Getting his haircut for the first time on Friday (March 7th).
  • BOOKS. One thing that's kept him very happy is board-books. He kind of likes reading them with me - but mostly he loves eating them. That's why I have a HUGE supply of board books for him to enjoy.
My mind is a bit blank, but it seems like there were a few other things too...I'll have to think about it.

Oh - I remember - Hunter is also the grabbiest baby on the planet! He grabs EVERYTHING, and has made life tricky. The one that drives me nuts is how he grabs my hair. I constantly have to wear my hair in a ponytail (which it's kind of too short for....) and he STILL pulls it. He pulls it out of the ponytail but worse than that he pulls the little hairs at the base of my neck. And he pulls at them so that there is NO way he's letting go. He's brought me to tears more than once. My hair looks horrible 99% of the time anymore because he just messes it all up. He also grabs my face, pinches me when I'm nursing him, and gets really frantic grabbing at whatever he can get his hands on when he's hungry.

But here are a few pictures I snapped of him after dinner. I found a spot in my kitchen with some good lighting. I didn't have time to play around with camera settings much, but I think I will try to set up a little 'photo shoot' later this week and try to get some pictures of both of my boys. Hunter was so serious when I was taking his picture today - I could NOT get a smile out of the kiddo.


Alicia & Justin Clark said...

Cute pictures! Looks like it did have good lighting. He looks so serious, but very sweet. :) Love you. Alicia

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

So serious. Wonder what he was thinking.

I was thinking yesterday about taking our favorite little golden books and laminating them and then binding them with a coil. I haven't figured out if it will work yet, but I wish we had had home laminating when Blake was small. He loved books so much.

Aunt Charlotte