Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last week we got Hunter's haircut for the first time. He did really well. He was wiggly - as was to be expected - but he didn't cry even once, and we got a pretty good first haircut. It was reassuring when she broke out the clippers and he didn't scream. Gabe still cries and gets upset when we try to use clippers. His hair isn't nearly as thick as Gabe's was at this age, but it has just as many cowlicks and is still super fine. I also think it has a bit more red to it (I LOVE red hair!)

So here's our little guy - growing up right before our eyes. I think the haircut really makes him look a bit older.


Katie said...

What a handsome boy!

The Rhiens said...

Ahhh! I love a little boy in a cute haircut! I think it accentuates his eyes more. Cutie!

Love, Mom, Dad and Julia

Brian & Charlotte Carper said...

It is so amazing how just a tiny snip can turn a baby into a child.

Fluffy or Scruffy (our cat) knows how Gabe feels - he has really long hair and it gets dreadlocks all the time and I snip them when they grow out a bit. He knows, even when he is asleep on my lap, the sound of the little scissors coming out of the jar next to my chair. He wakes right up and flies out of here like someone stepped on his tail.

Of course, when I get done clipping him, it looks like a mouse chewed off a chunk instead of looking cute enough to grab up and smootch, like your boys look. Love, Aunt Charlotte