Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some New Rules

Just wanted to inform you of some new rules that we have decided to institute at our house. I'm sure you will want to join in.
  1. If any of the children in the household are sick - the parents MUST feel 100%. Kids and parents are NOT allowed to be sick at the same time - no matter what!
  2. All calories consumed while sick do NOT count. If you feel like crap - you should be able to eat like crap and not have it count against you.
  3. If you get a nasty bug you should have a MINIMUM of one month to recover before being subjected to another evil bug. You should have time to recover and get your house back in order before you return to the world of sniffles, freight-train like headaches and body shaking chills.
  4. If one parent is sick - the other should not be allowed to feel ANY symptoms of sickness until the first one is completely better.
  5. If both parents happen to be sick at the same time (which should not happen - see rule #4) - NO kids are allowed to be sick under any circumstances.
  6. If everyone in the house has been sick for 3 week - JUST GIVE UP.


Carpers said...

We have a couple rules to add to that list - the guilty party who brought home the illness in the first place, must get it twice - with the second time being as bad as all the other people combined... And they have to take care of every body they infect... and cannot be shot dead until they are completely healed.

No one who infects a whole household will be allowed to die or be killed while they are feeling sick. That is WAY to easy. You must suffer the entire illness and be recovered before you are shot.

The other rule - is remember the BYU cure for all flus..... slushies made from orange juice and orange sherbert. You can have as many as you want and the calories don't count and you can have one any time of the day or night - for any meal....No questions asked. (if you live in Utah or amoung Mormons, you can call anyone who is well enough to get to the store and ask them to furnish you with the fixings for this slushie and I have found that they will provide them for you, and not ask about your sanity... It must be a secret Mormon recipe like green jello or something.

At our house, I think that we are finally seeing the end of it. We had good luck with red jello and herb tea. Those were the only 2 foods we all could agree on, although, I will tell you, there were days when some of us were too sick to even eat jello.

I hope you guys get over this soon. I don't know if it helps to know it is going all over the country - even on the tonight Show - all the stars are coming in sick with this nasty bug. I don't know what it is, but it is everywhere and it seems to last for about 3 weeks, off and on.

Love you lots ... Get well soon, aunt charlotte

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

its so rough when everyone in the house gets sick, and everyone keeps passing it back and forth - not fun! I don't know how you feel about herbal remedies but there are two things I've taken this winter that have REALLY helped a lot, and I've never really had anything help before. But they are "Umcka" and "Sambucol" (or "Sambuactin" if they don't have sambucol, although I like sambuactin better, it tastes much better). When you start to feel the symptoms you take the umcka about 3-5 times a day or so, and I take the sambuactin once a day when I start getting sick, until 48 hours after you stop feeling the symptoms - its amazing! Like I said, I've never been a big believer in alternative cold stuff, but Justin heard about it, and we've tried it, and it works so good for me. They're not really expensive, and dont' taste bad. But anyway, it might be something to try. I've had a much more enjoyable winter because of it. :) I hope you get to feeling better. Love you. Alicia

Kori said...

It seems like this sickness is covering the whole state. At least you aren't pregnant and have the sickies. I've been fighting some kind of sickness all week and it is no fun! Hope you all feel better soon. Love and hugs.

Kristi said...

I think the sickness is now across the country. Church attendance on Sunday was super low... everyone is sick! HOpe you all feel better.

The Frosts said...

I love all your rules. I hope you guys are feeling better soon. Not fun to be so sick for so long. By the way, love every last one of your layouts you've posted recently. Adorable!!

Rhien Family said...

We broke too many of those rules lately. I've been ill for weeks and I am just getting worse. Jed has been ill for a week and getting worse, Allison just finished being ill, the house is impossible, and all I can say is, Amen to those rules! (: I love you, you bring a little humor to the harder sides of life!