Monday, February 04, 2008

New First Presidency

What a neat thing to have happen today - the appointment of a new First Presidency for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have always had a special place in my heart for President Monson - since I was a little girl. Even ast a small child I loved hearing his calming voice, his stories, and his love of service and of the gospel. In fact, when I was in 4th grade he was speaking at the hospital my dad worked at. I begged to be taken out of school because I wanted to be there to hear him. My parents checked me out of school (which they honestly didn't do for anything short of death!) and I attended his talk at the hospital. He came out to the hall afterwards when I was getting a drink and he gave me a big hug. I remember feeling (and still do) so special that he took the time to do that. My mom reminded me today that I also was surprised at how tall and big he was :).

I know that no matter who had been called as the First Presidency would have done amazing work, but I look forward to the experiences these wonderful men will bring to the church. I love their passion for the gospel, their love of the Savior, and the way that they can speak and really touch my spirit.

I am so grateful for a church that has a seemingly seamless change in leadership - as opposed to the way the world chooses leaders (example - the current election 'mess' we deal with every day). The peace that is evident in this change is so different from the contention we are faced with as we watch the news as our country works to choose our next government leaders.

I am also grateful for the chance to teach Gabe tonight about the new First Presidency. A few months ago when we go the November issue of The Ensign we got out the pictures of the new apostles and talked to Gabe about the new member of the First Presidency. We worked on the names of the apostles, and he really caught on quickly - it was neat. So tonight we talked about how we needed a new prophet since President Hinckley has passed away (Gabe tells us that President Hinckley died - and that means he went to live with Heavenly Father). But by the time we were going to bed Gabe kept saying the names of the 1st Presidency over and over and over again - and was begging to see a picture of them in the 'magazine'. I know he doesn't totally get who these men are, or what they do - but I would like to think he has a little glimpse of their importance.

And if nothing else - for now I love how he points to his eyes when he says, "President EYE-ring" (the way we taught him to remember President Eyring's name).

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The Rhiens said...

It is always fun to have our own little personal connection, huh? I am excited about the vibrant presidency...and will miss Pres. Hinckley's optimistic spirit.