Tuesday, February 12, 2008

on the mend and a couple other layouts

Well, we're on the mend here. I'm still fighting a cough and exhaustion - but I'm getting better. Now it's just getting Hunter back to 100%, and praying Gabe never gets it. Hunter woke up pretty sick Sunday in the EARLY morning hours. He felt rotten all day Sunday and yesterday - but he seems to be doing a lot better today. I did take him into the dr this morning and he seemed MUCH better (does that happen to any other moms - you make the dr appointment and suddenly the child gets better on their own?) The dr said it's a virus (which I suspected, but wanted to be sure) and to keep an eye on him. His fever is down quite a bit today and he's much happier - so that's a good sign. He has been up ALL NIGHT LONG for the last several nights and is just a mess unless we hold him. So I haven't gotten much sleep for like 5 nights now and it's really starting to wear me out. But that's life I guess.

Here are a few digital pages I made a while back, but hadn't added the photos. It was nice to just take a few minutes this afternoon while Gabe ate lunch and finish them up. I have a few others I need to add pictures to as well - so keep watching, I'll post them when they're done.

A few people have asked if I do digital scrapbooking only now. I am still planning on paper scrapbooking....someday....It's just a lot easier to deal with digital stuff than to get out the messes with paper scrapping. Especially since my office right now is a disaster - I wouldn't know where to even start to create a paper layout! And though I have yet to print out any of the pages I do, I did get a nice large format printer from Cory for Christmas, so I will eventually start printing them. I also want to try out Shutterfly's photo books.


Me - Jen said...

Good to know - that was Idaho jen wondering about the paper scrapbooking . After I posted I didn't know if you would know who Me-Jen is. Thanks for answering. I have been trying to digitial and liking it but still wishing I could paper scrapbook too.

Carpers said...

we got the great pictures of the kids today - thank you so much - they really show their precious personalities.

I stick to paper crafting because I'm addicted to the "stuff". I just dont think i would get the same buzz without the actual tactile experience of touching the stuff and opening all those UPS packages. :) lOVE, Aunt Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing better.

Love, Sandra

MaryRuth said...

These pages are SO great!! I have the same kits yet my stuff doesn't look nearly as good... haha!

Glad you're feeling a bit better!

Tiffany B said...

Great layouts. It was fun to get your cute Valentine in the mail this week. Glad you are feeling better.