Friday, February 15, 2008

Hunter's rash

When we got up this morning Hunter's rash is almost 100% gone! I am thinking that maybe the dr was wrong and he didn't have HSP, but a more mild reaction to the fever...but I don't know for sure. We'll still watch for the side-effects, but I'm feeling like we're a closer to being out of the woods. So here are a few pictures of what his rash looked like. They're not great pictures, but you can see how it was bright red, and also had purple marks. I hope it doesn't come back - but at least for now we'll be grateful that he's doing a bit better.


Katie said...

Oh, that makes me cry! I'm glad he is feeling better. Good luck!

The Rhiens said...

I am so happy to hear that he is doing better. Now if he will just start sleeping again. I know you are exhausted.

Love, Mom

Carpers said...

Our friend's baby had a similar rash - they thought he had chicken pox, but then it went away and they figured it must be part of the flu that is crossing the country. I hope it isn't the serious version the doctor scared you with.

The purple spots look like what used to happen to Blake when he would be bit by spiders. This time of year, even harmless spiders are poison to kids who are allergic. When I would take him to the emergency rooom, they would always think he was hit by a baseball bat because of the purple - so I would have to call my regular doc and have him assure them I hadn't hit him - and please hurry and give him something QUICK for the allergy.

Besides the huge purple spot, he would get the rash like Hunters and then when he was little, he would have trouble using that limb.

The spider bites were always really tiny and hard to find - but usually we would finally find the tiny spot in the middle of a purple patch.

Hope he gets better soon. I know what it is like to sleep sitting up leaning on the crib so you can be ther all night. It does get better !! Love, Aunt Charlotte

Alicia & Justin Clark said...

Bummer - that doesn't look very fun. I hope he's getting better! Hope you all get to feeling better soon. Love you. Alicia