Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mother's Day

I am going to regret posting these pictures....because quite frankly they are some of the worst I've seen of me lately (although I have yet to find a pregnant picture of myself that I'm pleased with...)

Anyway - I was going through my camera this afternoon to clear off pictures on my memory card and make room for new ones. I came across these ones and it made me chuckle a bit (and kind of sad). These pictures are taken on Mother's Day. We were running late for church, everything was hectic, and I knew if I didn't take a few pictures before church, that there would be no way in the world we'd get any taken after. So I wrangled Cory into taking a couple. Mistake.

Now my posterity (and I guess anyone who looks at this blog) will think that I hate mother's day. By the look on my face, and on poor Gabe's face - this is not the greatest holiday, nor do I enjoy it. I feel so bad that these pictures don't even begin to capture my love for motherhood. Instead they scream, "take the darn picture - we're going to be late for church!" Not to mention the glare created by looking right into the sun while we posed.
I hope that there will be better mother's day pictures in the future, ones where the real joy I feel for this calling of being a mom can be captured. Until then, I guess I'll have a somewhat realistic view of how things sometimes are on a hectic Sunday morning.

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Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

the top picture is hilarious. the look on Gabe's face adds to the look on your face J. :)

Love you, Paul