Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gabe's weekend with grandparents

Last weekend Gabe got to spend time with Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Kim while Cory and I headed up to Boise. He had so much fun! He fed the ducks (2 times!) helped the boys mow lawns, and went to the hot-springs! He loves the time he gets to spend with his Grandparents and is excited to head up there again at the end of the month when he gets to have a birthday party for his twin cousins!


april said...

He looks like he was having a blast, but so do his grandpa and uncle! :)

The Rhiens said...

Oh my! He looks SO grown up in these pictures...especially the one pushing the lawn mower! He can come mow my lawn anytime. :)

Love, Mom and Dad

Rhiens said...

hi Gabe-

I miss you a lot!

-Love Alli

Chase and Kori said...

It was so much fun to hang with Gabe for a few hours while he was visiting. His vocabulary is amazing - we loved feeding the ducks with him and hearing him say ducks, water, chase, and signing for more bread. What a cute little guy! Can't wait to see more of him and of you at the end of the month!

The Desert Jungle said...

Hey- when are you coming home? I want to see you and take the boys to the park!!
Alright. That was my plug. COME HOME! ;)

Anonymous said...

All of our grandkids are growing up--we need more little ones! Ha! We had fun, too.
Grandma T and Grandpa K

MaryRuth said...

I love your page!! So cute!!