Monday, August 07, 2006

Our messy 1 year old

Ok, so I learned a couple of things today:

  1. Everyone is blessed with talents....the talents I was blessed with have nothing, what-so-ever to do with cake decorating!
  2. If you are going to attempt to make a cake - do it the night before, not an hour before.
  3. It really doesn't even matter what the cake looks like - it all looks the same once it's mushed up and thrown on the floor.
  4. Cake can make a much bigger mess if the whole thing is picked up, squished into pieces, and thrown around the kitchen. Gabe would love to teach you if you're interested.


The Rhiens said...

This put great big smiles on our faces. :)

Love, Mom, Dad and Julia

Emeline Anne said...

My favorite is the one where he is eating the plate! How cute!

MarilynH said...

YOu are funny, Joanna! He is a real cutie pie! Can't believe he is one already and I'll bet you can't too. Joanna--you look great! Have you lost weight? :)