Thursday, August 10, 2006

1-year pictures

I took Gabe down to get his pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids today. He was much more cooperative than he was last time (we took him at just a few weeks old, and it was a disaster!) I'm not thrilled with the pictures, but at least we got them done. I would love to find a great photographer....and I really want a nice family portrait done....maybe someday.

(I don't know why I can't just post seems like all too often I have to put them together in a layout type thing. I really just threw this's not really a page)


april said...

toooooo cute! man, I cant believe he's a year old already!!!!

The Rhiens said...

Ahhhhhh! Those cheeks are so cute, I just want to kiss them. :)

Love, Gramma and Grampa Rhien

Holly said...

He is adorable!! I have your same issues...I really want to find a good photographer in my area! I'm tired of "studio" pictures! *sigh* Cutie little boy for sure!!