Saturday, March 11, 2006


Since Thursday it's been snowing. Off and on, but it's managed to accumulate quite a bunch. The poor work van is back by the shop, and our installer was worried he couldn't get it out this afternoon to get to the job he had scheduled. (Luckily he didn't have to go because the people he was supposed to install were snowed in....) I hope they can get the poor van out Monday morning - it's going to be tricky.

Anyway, the world is covered in white. Gabe is fascinated by it - wish he was old enough to go play in it. Next year he'll love it. He got so excited yesterday morning that he wouldn't eat - he just wanted to look outside. For a while in the morning it was sunny, and I ended up bundling him up and taking him out while I tried shoveling (I have a new respect for Cory.....) He enjoyed the fresh air and watching the snow. He's going to be just like Cory.

Up until we've owned The Blind Guy Cory has been obsessed with the snow (now he's too busy/preoccupied with the business). When I used to get up before him he used to ask me every single morning from about October till April, "Did it snow last night? Did it snow??????" He was like a little kid at Christmas if it had - he was thrilled. It was cute. Maybe Gabe will follow in his daddy's footsteps and be obsessed with the snow.

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The Rhiens said...

These pictures remind me of Orem and the storms we used to get there. In fact, that almost looks like the Silcock's/Lamplugh's house acrosss the street. If you squint you can pretend it is our old house/yard. I bet shoveling wore you out. Gabe will no doubt love the snow next year! Cool pictures!

Love, Mom