Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cory's new toy

Here's Cory's new toy - a 42 inch plasma tv. He earned the tv by buying a certain amount of products from one of our suppliers. (kind of like our trip to Hawaii - I think I'm liking this blind thing....) And because it didn't fit in our entertainment center, he felt he had to get a new one. It's fun to watch movies on, and it's always fun to get new furniture. I was sad to see the other entertainment center go. Cory built it, and I like having things he's made. I wish he could make more - he's really very talented.


Mom said...

How pretty! It looks great. I hope you all enjoy it.

Love, Mom

Carpers said...

Very nice! Congrats Cory,just in time for the Super Bowl! Hope all is well, lots of snow here. Love the pics of little Gabe, he's so cute. Brian

Alicia said...

What a nice setup! I love the color of the wood and all. Looks great! Love you! Alicia