Monday, October 17, 2005

My little man

Oh my goodness! They said that I needed to enjoy Gabe's baby days because he'd grow up faster than I could think. I though, "yeah, yeah, whatever - it will be exciting to see him get big and be able to do more". Now that's partially true. I do get a sense of excitement when he discovers something new, and I am excited to teach him more about his world. However, he's getting so big!!!! It just tears at my heart to see him grow up each and every day. He looks like a little man to me, and before I can even blink he will be a little man.

Speaking of learning new things - today he discovered that when he touched the little toys on his bouncy seat they would make noise, and make the lights flash. I don't know if he got the connection, or if he just realized that getting really excited, and making spastic movements (hands, arms, and feet flying all over) would produce sound. It was so funny to watch him and to see the excitement on his face.

He has also discovered sticking out his tounge. It started when we would smile at him, and he'd give us a great big gummy smile back. Then we started making faces at him, and started sticking our tounge out. Now he'll imitate us and stick his little tounge out at us. So cute!

What an exciting, colorful, amazing world it will be for Gabe to discover - and I am so grateful to be right along his side as he does it!


Anonymous said...

Ah Gabers! I can't believe how fast you're growing up. Slow down till I can see you again. :) I am glad that you got to meet lots of my family last weekend. I love these pictures! Thanks for sharing them with all of us. It is fun to see Gabe grow and change.

Love, Gramma Rhien

Anonymous said...

Alli is growing fast too! She learned to kneel and fold her arms and bow her head durring the entire prayer. She keeps looking up to see if we are done yet, or if she should put her head back down. It is SO cute. She also likes to play head shoulders knees and toes (although she skips the shoulders and the knees and often goes back to her toes instead of her nose.) She is really growing up. We miss Gabe. Give him hugs and kisses from us. We love the pictures. You are great parents. Gabe sure is growing. Now we know how you must have felt after you moved away from rexburg. It is hard to be so far away, and to see Gabe growing so fast.

We love you- Jed and Laura

Anonymous said...

It is fun to get on and see such cute pictures! Babies never stay babies long, do they Earlene! Keep the pics coming for we don't get to see him as often. We took the other 3 grandkids up to Mount Logan on the 4 wheelers yesterday and Logan thinks he's pretty cool cause he got to drive! Give Gabe a hug from us.
Love, Tammy