Saturday, October 01, 2005

BYU Football

Well it's only 1/2 time, but BYU isn't doing too great in their football game vs San Diego State. But Gabe, Cory and Sadie are enjying themselves anyway. We're not real big on watching sports in our family, but for BYU football we can make an exception. Go Cougars!


april said...

that's ALMOST a smile in #2! he must have been upset about the game! ;)

Anonymous said...

So excited to see more pics of our little Gabe up! He is growing up and changing so quickly. He looks so grown up sitting up so tall against the couch. Go BYU! :)

Love, Gramma Earlene

hockeymom said...

My eyes do the same thing Gabe's do in the photo with Sadie when I watch BYU football (hee hee hee). :0) R