Sunday, September 18, 2005

We're back home!

Here are a couple of pictures from this week. Some weeks I'm better than others about taking pictures of little Gabe. This week I wasn't so great.....

The poor guy had what we thought was a case of baby acne this week. At first we thought it was from snuggling up on Daddy's neck (that hadn't been shaven in a while....) - but then we noticed through the week that when he got hot it got worse. So we're thinking it might be a case of heat rash. Either way the poor guy looks sad with the red bumps. Luckily they're clearing up.

Cory was so glad to see Gabe last night when we got home. He kept telling him how much he missed him, and was very helpful with him while I tried getting settled in at home. Gabe was so happy to see his daddy too! Cory spoiled Gabe with a ton of clothes from Baby Gap when we got home. Gabe was one of the best dressed babies in church today. I'll have to take some more pictures of his adoreable little outfits. He's a cutie!

Today Gabe was GREAT in church! He hardly fussed, and we got to enjoy all of our meetings without having to go in the hall. Cory even took him to priesthood meetings with him so I could teach my young women lesson. What a good dad he is! And now he's taken a great nap, and has been in a great mood since we've been home. Let's hope I didn't just jinx it.....

Well - have a great week. We'll enjoy being home where Gabe seems to be happiest.

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april said...

You and Cory are BOTH doing great.