Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our Christmas Decor

This year our Christmas decor was pretty low-key. In fact, when we got all the decorations out we realized that a bunch of the bigger decorations that had been stored in the basement was so dusty and needed a good cleaning. Cory said he was going to take care of it, but by the time we realized that it hadn't been done it was so close to Christmas that we decided not to worry about it. One less thing to worry about Gabe messing with.

But I did add to our Christmas decor this year with new gorgeous stockings and a matching tree skirt. (I even bought a few extra for future kids). We've never had an official tree skirt, so I splurged and got these from Pottery Barn and I LOVE it! We also got a new Christmas tree this year - pre-light! I LOVE it! The lights are all perfect and in place, and there are so many of them - it was gorgeous. Since we had a bigger tree we added some bigger decorations too. We got some big bells and wicker balls to stick in the tree. And I got a punched rusty tin lit star for the top of the tree. We didn't end up putting all of the decorations up on the tree either (the fabric ribbons I tie-on, or the wooden beaded garland)...but I was really happy with how it looked, so it was ok. Next year we might be a bit more into the decorating. This was just a tough year to get excited about extra work when I was feeling crummy...

Gabe did pretty good with the decorations - for the most part. We did have one break.....but that isn't bad for a 16 month old! By far my favorite addition to our Christmas decor was Gabe's smile when he put on his (way too big) Santa hat. He loved saying hat and wearing it around the house. He also loved spotting Santa Claus in other decorations (around the stores, in the newspaper, driving down the street in people's yards) - and always shouted out a hearty, "Ho-Ho-Ho". He did however think that Snowmen are the same as Santa - and also said "Ho-Ho-Ho" for them. I figure we can correct that next year :)

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The Rhiens said...

I love the stockings and the fireplace looks great now that it's done. :)

Love, Mom