Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gabe's BIG News

Well Gabe has a big announcement to make - he's going to be a BIG brother!

I actually took this picture about a week after we had found out. I was snapping some pictures of Gabe and not getting any response from him. Then I shouted, "Gabe - you're going to be a big brother!!!" and this was the face he made. Kind of looks excited doesn't he?

So, we are expecting baby #2 this summer (possibly another August baby!). I'm 12 weeks and actually feeling better than I did at this point with Gabe. (But I've also had days I've felt much worse than with it's been interesting!) We heard the baby's heart beat at our dr visit yesterday, and are really excited about this new adventure we're embarking on. I'm excited that this baby will be close enough in age (exactly 2 years) that it will be able to hopefully be close to Gabe, and I'm also excited that my sister-in-law is due a few weeks before me, and the cousins will be close in age!

So if I'm not around on the blog as much as in the past - this is why. Just trying to keep up with Gabe, and being worn out by "baby #2".


The Rhiens said...

What a perfect response! I think that my response upon hearing your news was very similar. :)

Love, Mom and Dad

Chase and Kori said...

Hurray! We are so excited for you! Congratulations!! All of the new photos are super cute! Glad to see that you guys had a good christmas!
Chase and Kori

Gillian said...

Yeah for you!!! Congrats to Gabe on his big brotherhood!

april said...

I was thinking last night...I wonder if she's pregnant and that's why she's been so tired! ;) Congrats, sweety! So excited for you!

Congrats, Gabe! You'll be a great Big Brother!!

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

we're excited for our "baby #1" to have a cousin so close in age.

Hang in there, soon those first few not-so-fun months will be over & then you might have enough energy to be more excited

We love you!

Holly said...

Congratulations!!! How fun to have them close in age!! My two youngest are 19 months apart and things turned out better than I expected! LOL! Congrats again!! Can't wait for updates!!

tami said...

congratulations!! I'm so happy for you guys! Gabe is such a cutie, thanks for keeping us updated, miss & love ya!

Anonymous said...

Too cool! Congratulations and condolences ( :-) ) What an amazing thought--another baby that might be as amazing as Gabe! Can the world handle it?

Much love to you, Sandra
PS I was at Betty's on Friday for Susan's bday dinner, and Betty had her memory book right out on the coffee table--she shows it to everyone who comes in. You did a great job, and thanks again, S

Emeline Anne said...

Yeah! I'm totally pumped for you! I can't wait to hear if little Gabe is going to have a brother or sister! (Are you going to find out? I guess some people don't... personally can't handle the suspense myself.) Hopefully I'll get to see this one before he or she is one! :)