Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cravings (aka - things that don't make me sick)

So I was thinking about it the other day, and it's funny - I go through these phases where certain foods are the ONLY thing that appeal to me. Anything else turns my stomach, and ends in nasty results. And I'll find one thing and go with it - until it makes me sick, and then it gets bumped to the yucky list. There have been 2 things that I have LOVED through this pregnancy so far (and it doesn't seem to be changing any time soon) - popscicles (particularly banana), and Icee drinks (preferably Coke flavor). These 2 have been tried and true.

Another one that has been recent is (now brace yourself - the thought of it might make you squeamish) - Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese. For some reason I have wanted it for the last 3 days straight. SO tasty! Now before being pregnant I would cringe at the very thought of Mac and Cheese out of a box - much less the "Easy Mac" variety - but it really fits the bill right now.

Something I found yesterday that really calmed my stomach was Dry Roasted Peanuts. Pretty tasty with something to drink. I think it might be the salt.

Now one thing I can't even THINK about since I found out I was expecting is Dr. Pepper. I can't drink the Diet variety, any of the "Berrys and Cream", or even the plain old original Dr. Pepper. This is pretty rare for me because I think that previously my blood was actually 50% Diet Dr. Pepper (and in less healthy times - the full of sugar variety). I haven't wanted to sip it, haven't wanted to guzzle it, and can't even think about it most of the time. I'm wondering if my "need" for the stuff will ever return....I guess it would be pretty healthy if I kicked the stuff all together huh?

Oh - and another previous favorite I can't seem to even think about - Pork Salads from Costa Vida. In the past I've been known by many friends for my comment, "We could pick something up from Costa Vida for dinner" - but now it's on the "no-no" list. I'm really hoping this one comes back - those salads are tasty!

Anyway - I know that you all don't necessarily care what the craving of the day is for me, but since this is a form of a journal...I guess it's a good thing to document.


Emeline Anne said...

That's so funny- I TOTALLY crave fake cheese, too! (You know, like Mac N Cheese... but also Cheetos- good thing they make baked ones with half the fat or I'd really be in even bigger trouble than I am!- and nacho cheese, and cheese-flavored ANYTHING. Yum.) And about that Icee thing... not on my good list! That's one of those things that I can't even think about because I really wanted a big fat cherry icee a couple months ago, my sweet husband went all the way to the mall to get me one, and then BAM! The whole thing ended up getting flushed down the toilet (in a very unpleasant way, if you know what I mean!) Isn't it funny the things that you love or hate when you're pregnant?

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

I always heard of people talking about "cravings" and thought that it was kind of a joke. But it's for real. Not so much cravings... but just like you said, things that don't make you sick. Some of Nicole's have been JAMBA JUICE, Icee's (or anything cold), Pineapple juice, and fruit. Last night, we went to a ward party and there was lots of fruit and goodies. I loaded up a little plate for us both, and by the time I looked up from my brownie, all of the fruit was gone :) I had to take another trip to get more fruit for us both...
anyway, good luck to you and Liz both!

Love -Paul (and Nicole)