Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another layout

Yup - I did another one. While I was getting ready to go upstairs after working on the last one I thought - ok - I'll try just one more. And it came together pretty quickly. The journaling on this one reads:
This afternoon you had so much fun running around outside on the grass, playing with rocks on the ground and just being a big boy. I was sad that the weather is getting colder because I know you love being outside. Hopefully this Spring you’ll get to play outside a lot!


The Rhiens said...

I really like the color combo on this layout. Have you done any paper layouts lately?


Carpers said...

Its so nice to see you scrapbooking and posting again. Hopefully you're getting to feeling better? The layouts look good, and I love the picture of Gabe on the layout where you say he's going to be a big brother. Cute! Love you. :) Alicia